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Illegal Movies And Music

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Piracy is a crime! ARRRRGH!

How many of you actually spend money on iTunes and other “legit” or “legal” sites to purchase your movies and or music? Good for you! Let me congratulate you on being honest and trustworthy in your selection of media! As for me? Well I mix and match different things in the experience. When I say this I mean, I get media both “legitimately” and “Illegally”. Now I know what you are going to say, “aren’t you hurting the record companies and movie studios by doing this?” And to answer this, yes I am. But I don’t do it to a large extent. Unlike some people I know, I use pretty legit methods to obtain my media. I use services like Rhapsody and Graboid for music and movies. Rhapsody is legal. You pay $10 dollars per month and you can stream all of the music you want! Or if you have an iPhone or Android you can simply download the songs directly to your device! This is exciting news for someone like me! I don’t have to worry about going to jail and I can listen and watch pretty much whatever movies and music I desire!

On the other hand, some people including me use “other” methods to obtain our fix of music, movies, and other media. You know what I’m talking about too. Torrent sites! Now these sites are usually not run in the United States simply because they would be shut down swiftly. I prefer sites like and TorrentReactor. These sites deliver fast and secure files if you know what you are doing. But should these sites be legal? Because the process of peer-to-peer sharing is legal in the greatest since. That’s what these sites use. They do not host the files or bandwidth. Instead they use other users to upload torrent links and the uploader has the luxury of hosting the actual file. This step right here is cause for much legal debate. If the site is not directly hosting the file, then how could they be responsible for its content? And there is rebuttal to counteract this statement. They provide the files and a direct path to them. So this in itself is reason enough for the sites to be liable. Which is why many in the U.S. do not wish for these sites to be legal here. Or hosted on U.S. servers.

So I am asking you this question:

  1. Should torrent sites be legal here in the U.S.?
  2. Should the hosting of illegal media be legal?

Answer these questions here!


Written by wynnfred14

October 11, 2012 at 12:29 pm

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Netflix Is Killing My Education!

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ImageOk everyone, here’s my small dilemma; I have this crazy addiction to Netflix. And I already know what you’re going to say about the matter. “You can control how much you watch my just not watching television at all!” And that statement in itself while fundamentally true, realistically is complete garbage of a statement in logic. There are simply too many shows and movies to watch, that are completely commercial free! Yes they are commercial free and I love every minute of it!

Are you anything like me in that nature? Because I have a slightly addictive personality. That meaning, once something interests me, I become extremely determined to invest mast amounts of time and effort into it. That can be a good thing if it’s something like prepare for a test two weeks away. Or finish homework once it’s assigned instead of waiting until the last minute to do it. I am in college so my time is very important to me. Primarily because I have so much time on my hands. Which I love! Anyways, back to the important things. I have an addiction to Netflix! Not some small thing either. I have to watch it like everyday. But I wont flip through it until I find something interesting to watch. Oh no, I have a show that I watch daily. It’s called Weeds, and shut up. Yes I realize that I am way behind and blah blah blah. Hush up and listen to me rant on about how this is detrimental to my education. The time I could be spending on school and other GOOD activities, instead I am contemplating what will happen in the next episode and so on. Kind of a crappy way of doing business wouldn’t you think? Are my priorities really that low that I must bash away on my keyboard like a lunatic trying to vent my anger to the world in order to feel some resemblance of normality? That YOU have all of the answers I am looking for? Ok I am obviously crazy.

Anyways, Netflix, although good in it’s product, bad for the college kid. Or anyone trying to make it in life.

Written by wynnfred14

October 9, 2012 at 4:49 pm

iPhone 5 – Amazing or Arbitrary?

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So we know that the iPhone 5 recently went on sale. In just 3 days, something like 5 million had been sold by Apple? Well if you ask me, that’s quite an astonishing number. For a phone at least because that’s the full price. Not the reduced one offered by the cellular companies. That means that people are willing to fork over a minimum of $649 for the 16 gigabyte iPhone! That’s crazy.
I’m sorry? But someone willing to buy their 12 year old child that expensive of a device is beyond me? I’ve had my share of iPhones (3 to be exact). And I got mine when I was 17. Yes, when I was 12, we didn’t have the iPhone. I had a nice audiovox flip phone and you know what? That thing lasted! But I’m rambling on about that. Let’s get back to the real issue. The price of these devices! I realize Apple needs to get their fair share for them. Meaning they have to make some money on the deal. But they could reduce the price by 20-30% easily, and could make more off of the iTunes Store. People are forgetting that this is where they rake in money also. Stocks plunged today by over a percent. Which is not troubling. I mean the shares went from a little over $700 to $690. I suppose the reason for this is the analysts were wrong about the amount they would sell? 5 million iDevices seems like a lot if you ask me? But if projections were wrong I’ll have to read more about their projections. I bought a minuscule 1 share of Apple back in march where the price was over $100 less. Nice little turn around considering I didn’t do a thing right? But I didn’t buy Apple to quickly resell it. No, I bought the tech giant in order to have a nice portfolio that had at least 2 good tech companies before I took more risk. The other software company I bought shares in was Oracle Corp. And that company has produced a little for me. Not too much, but hey I can’t complain. They have pretty consistent growth. The dividends yielded aren’t too shabby either? Can’t ask for much more or something bad might happen.

So what are your views on Apple? They are set to release a miniaturized iPad which will sell well I’m sure? Why wouldn’t it? Greater portability and we all know us Americans love being portable!

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September 24, 2012 at 2:24 pm

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Web Camera – A Great Investment!

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Web Camera – A Great Investment

How many of you reading this have children in college or close to it? How many of you are kids moving away for extended periods of time? Even if you are none of these, I encourage you to invest in a web camera! So if you’re not technologically savvy, you’re probably asking what exactly is a web camera? Well a web cam is used to engage in conversation through both audio and video. You can have a conversation with someone and actually see them. That means for you parents out there, you can see your child from pretty much anywhere internet is available.

Can a Web Cam Help Me?

I am a freshman in college this year and my like many, occasionally wish to see my parents. But I live 3 hours away so how can I see them in a matter of minutes like I used to? Well, that’s where the web camera comes in handy! There are many applications that allow you to use video calling. Some include, but not limited to, Skype, Facebook, and some others. The reason I brought up Facebook is not the fact that I absolutely love it. I can assure you I am not addicted to it. But one feature that’s unique is the ability to make video calls with a friend using a Skype application! You don’t even need a Skype account, which I encourage you to get because it’s free and simple to use. How would you like the ability to simply log into your Facebook account, click on a friends name, and then call them?

Technology can be helpful if you learn to use the right things. Web cameras also can be moderately cheap and still work well. I went home last Sunday and while my mother was out of town, I went into her office and hooked up a web camera as a surprise. She hasn’t used it yet and never has before, but I think that will change very soon. She was thrilled that she could at least see me and talk to me everyday. The transition from home to living away can be hard for both parents and children. Of course it doesn’t stop there! You can have conference calls, meetings, social gatherings, etc. all by simply pushing a couple of buttons and looking pretty for the camera.

Written by wynnfred14

September 6, 2011 at 8:57 am

Conair iStubble Is Amazing

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Conair iStubble is Amazing

I just recently bought the new Conair iStubble and I couldn’t be happier with it! I’m not writing this as a promotional piece for anyone out there wondering, I simply love this new device and I encourage any guy to at least try it. The greatest thing about the iStubble is it’s ability to adjust the blades on the face trimmer by mere mm. That means a really close shave without the irritation of razor burn. Don’t you just hate that? I first saw the trimmer on YouTube when an add appeared. They had this model with a scruffy face and needed a serious shave. Then he used the trimmer and of course they made it look flawless! And to be honest with you, it almost is. I haven’t found anything I can complain about and that’s a first for me as I’m sure all of you are aware.

But where can you purchase the iStubble?

That’s a good question and it turns out, it’s not the easiest device to find in your local retail store. I bought mine from and they delivered it to the store near me pretty fast. Bravo on Walmart for the convenience! Again, I’m not promoting the retail giants, I’m only pointing out how well they did. I ordered the Conair iStubble online at for a reasonable price, and they delivered it to my store for free quickly. These fat-cat corporations cease to amaze me a small amount of the time! So just how good of a trimmer is it? Well there are plenty of YouTube videos supporting it, but many have very little views, grainy, and don’t do a remarkable job at promoting it. But there is one guy on there that did do a great job. He videoed himself shaving with the iStubble and that’s what really sold me. You can check out the link here! And no, I’m not affiliated with him at all. Just enjoyed the video and thought I would share it.

I thought about making a video about the trimmer and putting it on YouTube and also on this blog. That might bring more viewers to my blog and that’s what I ultimately want. I thoroughly enjoy writing blogs because it gives me a great opportunity to share with you my views on technology and other matters. If more people expressed their feelings in writing with logic instead of hate like many do with comments, I believe we could make more progress with becoming a more in-tune community. Anyways, leave your comments below because I would love to hear from you!

Written by wynnfred14

September 2, 2011 at 11:03 am

AT&T – Cellular “Superpower”

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It’s a known fact that AT&T is making it’s way to becoming the largest cellular company in the world. With over 70 million cell phone customers alone, AT&T could be described as a “superpower”. It has an almost endless number of resources and they continually offer more service to rural areas. On top of cell phone service, they offer cable and internet. So no wonder people are buying into this company.

In March, AT&T announced that they would attempt to acquire T-Mobile for 39B. That’s quite a bit of money don’t you think? Although T-Mobile is the smallest of the four companies in America, what would diminishing the company do to the competition? Well if Uncle Sam has anything to do with it, AT&T and T-Mobile will not merge. Recently, the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the tech giant stopping them from merging. They fear that with less competition, comes greater pay for each individual customer and I would have to agree with them on that. If there are only 3 big names in the cell phone business in America that will lead to advancements in cost. Why wouldn’t they raise the prices if they could? Everyone is out to get more and more money and these giant corporations shouldn’t be able to bully us around with greater fees. And I realize that AT&T will claim that they are merely doing this for the greater good. Sure, you can buy into that if you want. But if you ask me, I believe they are doing this so that their CEO’s, Presidents, etc. can have more money lining their pockets!

And maybe that’s not what they are trying to accomplish. Perhaps, they only want what’s best for each individual customer. But with more customers comes less about the individual. I’m sure it’s quite hard to satisfy over 70m+ subscribers. They already suffer with personalized customer service as it is. There is absolutely no bargaining or negotiating with them as of now and with a merger of another corporation, they will only get bigger and busier.

Remember the days when owning a cell phone meant something? It was somewhat exclusive and when you called about a complaint, people more or less cared. But now, their phones are ringing off the hook and you are nothing more than customer number 101101987. Another name on a screen that has been keeping loyal to the company for years like my family has. And then they want to nickel and dime you to death! That’s not how a business should be run is it? Maybe I’m wrong and correct me if so! Maybe we should hand over more money to the “superpowers” of our world and kneel before them and accept whatever they say we have to.

Written by wynnfred14

September 1, 2011 at 9:10 am

Evolution of a Network Community

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How long have you been surfing the web? And no, I don’t mean today, I mean for how many years? At what time frame did the internet become so popular? Some people say when E-Mail was started. Others when Google appeared. Most of you would probably say anywhere between the mid and late 90’s. I really didn’t start surfing until the new millennium. I’m only 18, but that’s beside the point.

What would you say if I were to tell you the Internet has been around since 1982? Pretty weird don’t you think? It doesn’t seem like we have been online that long. And truth is, we haven’t. It pretty much wasn’t until the 90’s that the Internet became a daily thing for a lot of people. I’m sure there are plenty online today that only check their email.

But the real question is, “What has the Internet done for us?”. I believe the Internet has evolved a community to operate on a vast amount of networks. Eventually we will all be connected to the internet by some form or another. The world is updating itself too quickly to go back now. Does anyone see that as a problem? I’m not really sure how I feel about it. I do enjoy being able to connect with my friends several hours away in a matter of seconds. It can take someone longer to pull out their phone and call a person than it takes to connect to them. With social networks like Facebook and Twitter, there are limitless opportunities for someone to get in touch with another. I know many adults that have found high school and college friends through Facebook that wouldn’t have any other way, besides hiring a private detective! But with more information we put online, it opens another kind of door. And that door is fraud. It’s not very hard for someone to steal your identity and I have to caution you about putting up delicate information. Put it this way, if I wouldn’t tell something to a complete stranger, I try not to put it online!

I realize that I went on a rant but I felt like it was important. So, in your opinion, what has evolved a network community? Maybe it’s not Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. Perhaps It’s how you express yourself as an individual in a virtual universe!

Written by wynnfred14

August 31, 2011 at 1:23 pm