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iPhone 5 – Amazing or Arbitrary?

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So we know that the iPhone 5 recently went on sale. In just 3 days, something like 5 million had been sold by Apple? Well if you ask me, that’s quite an astonishing number. For a phone at least because that’s the full price. Not the reduced one offered by the cellular companies. That means that people are willing to fork over a minimum of $649 for the 16 gigabyte iPhone! That’s crazy.
I’m sorry? But someone willing to buy their 12 year old child that expensive of a device is beyond me? I’ve had my share of iPhones (3 to be exact). And I got mine when I was 17. Yes, when I was 12, we didn’t have the iPhone. I had a nice audiovox flip phone and you know what? That thing lasted! But I’m rambling on about that. Let’s get back to the real issue. The price of these devices! I realize Apple needs to get their fair share for them. Meaning they have to make some money on the deal. But they could reduce the price by 20-30% easily, and could make more off of the iTunes Store. People are forgetting that this is where they rake in money also. Stocks plunged today by over a percent. Which is not troubling. I mean the shares went from a little over $700 to $690. I suppose the reason for this is the analysts were wrong about the amount they would sell? 5 million iDevices seems like a lot if you ask me? But if projections were wrong I’ll have to read more about their projections. I bought a minuscule 1 share of Apple back in march where the price was over $100 less. Nice little turn around considering I didn’t do a thing right? But I didn’t buy Apple to quickly resell it. No, I bought the tech giant in order to have a nice portfolio that had at least 2 good tech companies before I took more risk. The other software company I bought shares in was Oracle Corp. And that company has produced a little for me. Not too much, but hey I can’t complain. They have pretty consistent growth. The dividends yielded aren’t too shabby either? Can’t ask for much more or something bad might happen.

So what are your views on Apple? They are set to release a miniaturized iPad which will sell well I’m sure? Why wouldn’t it? Greater portability and we all know us Americans love being portable!


Written by wynnfred14

September 24, 2012 at 2:24 pm

Posted in Technology

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