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The Internet Making Us Dumb?

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About how much on average do you browse the web? If you’re anything like me, many hours a day whether on my laptop or smart phone. Teens on average spend well over 25-30+ hours a week online. So the average would be over 4 hours daily! And all that reading is certainly taking a toll on our reading and logic levels.

Think about this, when you go to read something, do you spend 15-20 minutes reading articles? Chances are no, you do not. We find the information we are looking for by quickly skimming over what we read and get little snippets of information at a time. But how can that make us dumb you ask? Well people who spend more time online aren’t necessarily going to have a lower I.Q. than someone who spends more time reading books. But this type of information access isn’t helping our generation at all.

I am just as guilty of it as the next guy. I don’t have time to waste by reading long articles trying to get the information out of it. Instead, I plug-in my questions to Google, and it generally gives me the answer at the top of the article I click. That means it’s very easy for me to spend just a couple of minutes reading quick bursts of information and this isn’t helping me.

As technology grows, more and more teens will turn to the internet for everything they need. Many have access to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites which makes reclusiveness more likely to happen. Young people need to engage with their peers by other means than the internet. Online games also take a toll on a child’s education. About how many hours do you spend playing video games? I am an avid fan of the Call of Duty online so that can easily take several hours each day from me. But I also attend a public university so I will always have access to people. That can’t be said about some young kids either in elementary or high school.

This is more or less a message to parents who may be reading this, “watch the amount of online activity your child has!”. Too much Facebook, Twitter, etc. will be bad for any child developing. They will be more prone to seeing things you may not necessarily agree with. There are filters for these networks but it would be impossible to stop everything from slipping through! Personally, I think your child needs to be well over 12 or 13 to have access to these social networks! Many parents would agree with me on this. Anyways, what are your thoughts toward this? Don’t be afraid to leave your comments down below!


Written by wynnfred14

August 30, 2011 at 12:45 pm

Google+ – Social Networking Unleashed

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Google has transformed how we as human beings interact with the world wide web. Imagine your life without that nifty search engine giving you most of your invaluable information? To me, Google is more than a search engine; it’s an entity that has a vast amount of power and knowledge. I forgot how much I really relied on Google. Every time I browse the web I am either going to Google or Yahoo. The reason for Yahoo! is because they have great news updates in my opinion!

As I browsed Google’s large database looking for new things to incorporate into my life, I stumbled up Google +, and no I didn’t go to Stumble-up (ha). I tried to join but was unable to! Why is that you say? Well when I joined, you had to be invited much like Facebook was in the day! Someone in the world had to personally invite you to join the network. Google+ doesn’t have a network, they have circles. Not many people have this cool little social networking site but like Facebook, it will pick up when people realize just how cool it is! Facebook is great, if you’re in high school, or a curious parent. But other than that, I really don’t like using Facebook because of all the really young people that happen to be on it. You don’t need to be the appropriate age to have a Facebook account and children take advantage of that.

That’s where Google+ comes in! It is still pretty exclusive and if you would like to join, I will gladly refer you! Facebook will turn into that thing children use in the future. How long that may be is not something I’m sure of yet. But trust me, you will notice more and more people transitioning from Facebook, to Google+!

I want to know what you think about social networking. How has our addiction to this vast network of friends and people alike transformed us? Is social networking hurting us in any way? That is a touchy topic to say at least! Many will argue that social networking is in fact hurting us simply because of the privacy aspect. People will put something on their Facebook, Myspace, or Blog that they wouldn’t ordinarily anywhere else! Could that become a problem for the future? Think about this scenario; you’re running for office 15 or 20 years from now. And one of your opponents pulls something from his or her bag of tricks! An article, post, photo, or video of you doing something you wish you hadn’t. Can you see the problem there? But how can you tell what you’re going to do years from now? The simple fact is, you can’t. We have to make the proper choices for our future when we as a young generation are thrust into this cyber network full of opportunities. That’s just something I’ve been really wanting to say for a while.

Anyways, I hope that all of you found this blog post helpful. As always, thanks for reading and please keep following me! Leave a comment on this subject down below!

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August 28, 2011 at 11:24 pm

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iPhone Vs Windows 7 Phone

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Take a quick look at where phones have evolved to. Now you can do so much that you never could before! Everything you could possibly need is right there at the touch of your hands. Documents can read; emails written and websites browsed seamlessly. The technology advancement today would not be possible if it weren’t for one amazing invention; the smartphone!

We rely so much on our smartphones from day-to-day tasks that without them, I’m not sure how some of us would cope. Let’s take a look at two smartphones that have really caught my attention. The Apple iPhone and the Windows 7 Phone. They both offer great reliability, ease of use, and many things others can’t compete with. But which one is the best? Unfortunately, I can’t answer that! It’s going to be up to you as the reader to make that decision.

First off, let’s start with the Apple iPhone. It’s a great device that offers a lot to the consumer. The iPhone works on the iOS of course and it has some flaws as well as some pretty cool capabilities! Some of the flaws with the software is the inability for complete customization, and that to me is a HUGE flaw! But, to give them some credit, Apple hasn’t completely let me down. I love my iPhone and I would be weary to trade it for another device. It has served me well, unlike my AT&T service. Another thing I do not like about my iPhone is the absence of adobe flash! This makes watching web videos very irritating. Besides some minor difficulties with the operating system, I give the iPhone a personal Google+!

Let’s talk about the Windows 7 Phone! My friend gave me exclusive access to his HTC Windows phone and I loved it! I had a HTC before my iPhone and I loved it. The Windows phone offers a lot of customization and it’s super fun to use. Had a blast using this phone and the marketplace was awesome!

The prices for these phones are pretty comparative. They both cost good money but if you ask me, they are both worth it. If I could own both I certainly would.

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August 27, 2011 at 5:59 pm

iPad 2 Vs. Galaxy Tab

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My first post consisted of my personal opinions of the Windows PC, which I preferred, and the Apple MacBook Pro. I apologize if anyone reading this got offended by my harsh criticism of the Apple Mac! I was merely throwing some light down an extremely unlit corridor and for that, I’m sorry. Now let’s get to the most important topic of the day! The famous and widely successful iPad 2 Vs. the Galaxy Tab!

What can I say about the iPad 2? First of all, I haven’t personally tried out the second generation iPad, except in the store of course, but it does not seem that much different than the first generation. Besides a couple of slight tweaks, what is the difference? I noticed the cool white color and odd new shape. That definitely caught my attention. What also caught my attention was the hefty price tag! Did you know that the iPad 2 is expensive? Oh yes, extremely expensive! And the sad part is, many people mistake the iPad tablets for an actual computer. I hate when people do this for tablets of any kind! They get them for college or whatever and they’re like “Why can’t my tablet do powerpoint, word, and other critical things my computer can? Anyways the iPad 2 starts at $499 for the 16GB with only WiFi. That means wherever you don’t have a wireless router, you can’t connect to the internet, so that means if you’re a business person, you will need the 3G capability. And that will increase the price of the device to $629 for WiFi + 3G, with only 16GB of storage. But before you jump all over me for exposing the price of this thing, let me tell you why you should buy one. First, if you love the iPod touch, then you will love the iPad. They literally took the iPod and made it bigger! Let’s not forget about the apps, yes the hundreds and thousands of apps! That’s another reason to buy.

Now let’s look at the Galaxy Tab. It’s run on Android 10.1 and is very fast! And it supports Adobe Flash! Something the iPad 2 simply can’t do! That’s one of the reasons I might purchase the Galaxy Tab. The price of the tablet is competitive to the iPad. For a 16GB, you could spend the same amount and buy an iPad. Or, you could buy the Galaxy Tab and have faster speeds, smooth Android operating system, and not give into Apples feat of world domination!

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August 27, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Windows PC Vs. Apple Macintosh

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PC Vs. Macintosh



This is my first blog post and let me start out by telling you something. My personal preferences on technology will change. My comments and views on the related might not settle well with everyone! And that’s perfectly fine, because I enjoy input no matter how harsh.

With that said, let’s start off by introducing these two wonderful products. The Windows PC and the Apple Macintosh. Both of these are great products. They are ready right out of the box and once you turn them on, they are extremely easy to use.

But you’re probably wondering what’s the difference? Besides the obvious, that they are run on completely different operating systems, these two types of computers have extremely different looks.

The Windows PC is not made by Microsoft! They build an operating system around which companies like Dell, Sony, Asus, and alike can run their products. Apple on the other hand, develops its’ own computer from scratch, and provides the operating system in house. That would be the first difference between the two.

Another difference is the price tag! Apple laptops start at $1200, and yes I’m definitely going to round it up because seriously, what’s a dollar more gonna do? That’s what you’re looking at for the minimum price of an Apple laptop. That would be the 13′ MacBook Pro. The MacBook Air is not going to be used in this demonstration for the lack of specs that a typical college student would need.

Then there’s Microsoft’s Personal Computers (PC). The Acer Aspire starts at $584 on the Microsoft Store site but I’m sure there are cheaper ones out there. It comes equipped with everything Apple’s MacBook Pro has. Besides the fact that the Acer Aspire has a 15.6′ screen.

Look, I realize that Apple products aren’t about operation. They are about image right? You are in lecture one morning and the kid next to you pulls out his brand spanking new Mac and you drool over it. The nice white color, clean interface, and basic look to it. I myself was close to asking for one for my college classes. But then something hit me! The Lion operating system isn’t compatible with a lot of programs. Sure, major ones can be run on a Mac, but many of them can not. If the software is available, it is in Beta form and prone to bugs and glitches! So if you are a parent wondering whether or not to buy a Macintosh for your child or self, take the above into consideration. The truth is, 99.9% of software is made for Windows PC. Plain and simple.

This is not a hate post for all of you reading this! Everything I have said is true and if you do not believe me, go out on your own and see what you find. I own many Apple products and wouldn’t trade them for anything you could give me! The iPhone has been my favorite phone yet, and my iPods have great. But that is where it stops for me I’m afraid. Perhaps when Apple drops the rates of their products way down, is when I will consider getting one. Because if I bought an Apple computer, I would still need my Windows PC I currently have to do most of my day to day things.

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August 26, 2011 at 4:40 pm

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