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iPad 2 Vs. Galaxy Tab

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My first post consisted of my personal opinions of the Windows PC, which I preferred, and the Apple MacBook Pro. I apologize if anyone reading this got offended by my harsh criticism of the Apple Mac! I was merely throwing some light down an extremely unlit corridor and for that, I’m sorry. Now let’s get to the most important topic of the day! The famous and widely successful iPad 2 Vs. the Galaxy Tab!

What can I say about the iPad 2? First of all, I haven’t personally tried out the second generation iPad, except in the store of course, but it does not seem that much different than the first generation. Besides a couple of slight tweaks, what is the difference? I noticed the cool white color and odd new shape. That definitely caught my attention. What also caught my attention was the hefty price tag! Did you know that the iPad 2 is expensive? Oh yes, extremely expensive! And the sad part is, many people mistake the iPad tablets for an actual computer. I hate when people do this for tablets of any kind! They get them for college or whatever and they’re like “Why can’t my tablet do powerpoint, word, and other critical things my computer can? Anyways the iPad 2 starts at $499 for the 16GB with only WiFi. That means wherever you don’t have a wireless router, you can’t connect to the internet, so that means if you’re a business person, you will need the 3G capability. And that will increase the price of the device to $629 for WiFi + 3G, with only 16GB of storage. But before you jump all over me for exposing the price of this thing, let me tell you why you should buy one. First, if you love the iPod touch, then you will love the iPad. They literally took the iPod and made it bigger! Let’s not forget about the apps, yes the hundreds and thousands of apps! That’s another reason to buy.

Now let’s look at the Galaxy Tab. It’s run on Android 10.1 and is very fast! And it supports Adobe Flash! Something the iPad 2 simply can’t do! That’s one of the reasons I might purchase the Galaxy Tab. The price of the tablet is competitive to the iPad. For a 16GB, you could spend the same amount and buy an iPad. Or, you could buy the Galaxy Tab and have faster speeds, smooth Android operating system, and not give into Apples feat of world domination!


Written by wynnfred14

August 27, 2011 at 12:00 pm