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Conair iStubble Is Amazing

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Conair iStubble is Amazing

I just recently bought the new Conair iStubble and I couldn’t be happier with it! I’m not writing this as a promotional piece for anyone out there wondering, I simply love this new device and I encourage any guy to at least try it. The greatest thing about the iStubble is it’s ability to adjust the blades on the face trimmer by mere mm. That means a really close shave without the irritation of razor burn. Don’t you just hate that? I first saw the trimmer on YouTube when an add appeared. They had this model with a scruffy face and needed a serious shave. Then he used the trimmer and of course they made it look flawless! And to be honest with you, it almost is. I haven’t found anything I can complain about and that’s a first for me as I’m sure all of you are aware.

But where can you purchase the iStubble?

That’s a good question and it turns out, it’s not the easiest device to find in your local retail store. I bought mine from and they delivered it to the store near me pretty fast. Bravo on Walmart for the convenience! Again, I’m not promoting the retail giants, I’m only pointing out how well they did. I ordered the Conair iStubble online at for a reasonable price, and they delivered it to my store for free quickly. These fat-cat corporations cease to amaze me a small amount of the time! So just how good of a trimmer is it? Well there are plenty of YouTube videos supporting it, but many have very little views, grainy, and don’t do a remarkable job at promoting it. But there is one guy on there that did do a great job. He videoed himself shaving with the iStubble and that’s what really sold me. You can check out the link here! And no, I’m not affiliated with him at all. Just enjoyed the video and thought I would share it.

I thought about making a video about the trimmer and putting it on YouTube and also on this blog. That might bring more viewers to my blog and that’s what I ultimately want. I thoroughly enjoy writing blogs because it gives me a great opportunity to share with you my views on technology and other matters. If more people expressed their feelings in writing with logic instead of hate like many do with comments, I believe we could make more progress with becoming a more in-tune community. Anyways, leave your comments below because I would love to hear from you!


Written by wynnfred14

September 2, 2011 at 11:03 am