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The Internet Making Us Dumb?

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About how much on average do you browse the web? If you’re anything like me, many hours a day whether on my laptop or smart phone. Teens on average spend well over 25-30+ hours a week online. So the average would be over 4 hours daily! And all that reading is certainly taking a toll on our reading and logic levels.

Think about this, when you go to read something, do you spend 15-20 minutes reading articles? Chances are no, you do not. We find the information we are looking for by quickly skimming over what we read and get little snippets of information at a time. But how can that make us dumb you ask? Well people who spend more time online aren’t necessarily going to have a lower I.Q. than someone who spends more time reading books. But this type of information access isn’t helping our generation at all.

I am just as guilty of it as the next guy. I don’t have time to waste by reading long articles trying to get the information out of it. Instead, I plug-in my questions to Google, and it generally gives me the answer at the top of the article I click. That means it’s very easy for me to spend just a couple of minutes reading quick bursts of information and this isn’t helping me.

As technology grows, more and more teens will turn to the internet for everything they need. Many have access to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites which makes reclusiveness more likely to happen. Young people need to engage with their peers by other means than the internet. Online games also take a toll on a child’s education. About how many hours do you spend playing video games? I am an avid fan of the Call of Duty online so that can easily take several hours each day from me. But I also attend a public university so I will always have access to people. That can’t be said about some young kids either in elementary or high school.

This is more or less a message to parents who may be reading this, “watch the amount of online activity your child has!”. Too much Facebook, Twitter, etc. will be bad for any child developing. They will be more prone to seeing things you may not necessarily agree with. There are filters for these networks but it would be impossible to stop everything from slipping through! Personally, I think your child needs to be well over 12 or 13 to have access to these social networks! Many parents would agree with me on this. Anyways, what are your thoughts toward this? Don’t be afraid to leave your comments down below!


Written by wynnfred14

August 30, 2011 at 12:45 pm