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Web Camera – A Great Investment!

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Web Camera – A Great Investment

How many of you reading this have children in college or close to it? How many of you are kids moving away for extended periods of time? Even if you are none of these, I encourage you to invest in a web camera! So if you’re not technologically savvy, you’re probably asking what exactly is a web camera? Well a web cam is used to engage in conversation through both audio and video. You can have a conversation with someone and actually see them. That means for you parents out there, you can see your child from pretty much anywhere internet is available.

Can a Web Cam Help Me?

I am a freshman in college this year and my like many, occasionally wish to see my parents. But I live 3 hours away so how can I see them in a matter of minutes like I used to? Well, that’s where the web camera comes in handy! There are many applications that allow you to use video calling. Some include, but not limited to, Skype, Facebook, and some others. The reason I brought up Facebook is not the fact that I absolutely love it. I can assure you I am not addicted to it. But one feature that’s unique is the ability to make video calls with a friend using a Skype application! You don’t even need a Skype account, which I encourage you to get because it’s free and simple to use. How would you like the ability to simply log into your Facebook account, click on a friends name, and then call them?

Technology can be helpful if you learn to use the right things. Web cameras also can be moderately cheap and still work well. I went home last Sunday and while my mother was out of town, I went into her office and hooked up a web camera as a surprise. She hasn’t used it yet and never has before, but I think that will change very soon. She was thrilled that she could at least see me and talk to me everyday. The transition from home to living away can be hard for both parents and children. Of course it doesn’t stop there! You can have conference calls, meetings, social gatherings, etc. all by simply pushing a couple of buttons and looking pretty for the camera.


Written by wynnfred14

September 6, 2011 at 8:57 am